Monday, May 19, 2014

How to transfer data from OLD phone to NEW phone?

Yeah, every one has been through the grind. Every time one gets new device in the family, the issue is to transfer all data to new device. The hack that most people use is to Copy the partial list of contact numbers in SIM, put it in to the new phone, copy form SIM to new device. Repeat. Waste of time, waste of energy, risky and in fact totally unnecessary. If you own a old feature phone - you still have to go through this. But, if you own a smart phone, there is so much more you can do for your self and your family.

There are so many "contact book backup" applications that you can use. This will allow you to move from one Phone to other with all your data in less than five minutes.

How to move data from old phone to new phone in 5 simple STEPS: 

1. Install any contact backup app. Please check that the app offers backup as well as restore. Also, that it offers cross platform support. Otherwise, you'd not be able to backup data from one platform to other and your contact list will be screwed. E.g. Snap Secure.
2. Signup to create an account
3. Sign on and change the internet settings in the app to be able to backup immediately.
4. Install same app on the new phone, Signin with the same credentials.
5. Restore all your contacts. Voila! Done!

Free versus Paid Backup Apps

Most free applications backup only contacts. Some can provide contacts, call logs, texts. Most applications that will provide Media (Photo/Video) backup will actually be a paid service. This is because all your photos and Videos are first stored on a cloud based storage service that costs money. Going for a paid subscription is better because you get an ample amount of storage on the cloud to store all Photos, Videos, Documents and what not. Moreover, services like Snap Secure and SOSonline Backup offer 5 to unlimited devices and lots of features for up to five more members of your family. It also helps you to continuously backup your devices so that if you happen to lose your phone, you'd still have all the latest data. It is like insurance, you can buy now or regret later.

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