Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ByeBye Bluetooth!

Bluetooth sharing is SLOW, TIME-CONSUMING and FRUSTRATING. It Sucks! There was a time in evolution when people looked for mobile phones that have Bluetooth. We have come a long way from it being a USP to an essential/expected feature taken for granted to now getting vestigial. It still finds some utility in connecting devices (Phone to speaker, phone to headphones, phone to car etc.) but is losing very fast in the space of being a sharing medium for consumers.

For once internet is more accessible now and it is easier to multicast share on Whatsapp then the slow point to point sharing on Bluetooth. Many other technologies have evolved rather quickly helping new consumers adopt them as they get used to smart phones. Particularly in the family niche, where sharing is a frequent habit, more and more people are sensing a need to simplify sharing. Social media serves its purpose but for families people need something more private, simple and quicker.

I've come across some remarkable apps that are well on their way to replace Bluetooth based sharing:

1. Software Data Cable - Point to point direct wireless but great alternative to sluggish blue-tooth.
2. Dropbox - Secure sharing with friends and family. Who needs an introduction here, everyone has a Dropbox.
3. Snap Sync - Family Room has made sharing with the whole family just 1 touch distant. It makes sharing of already synced contents almost instant. It currently lacks multiple private groups inside family room that can allow sharing with selected members instead of all. But, overall still a great way to share with family.

It definitely is so damn cool for smart phone users to rise above the archaic Bluetooth based sharing. What do you think?

Disclosure: I work for Snapone
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  1. Bluetooth is more necessary than it has ever been. Nearly all inter device connection are handled through bluetooth. It's now essential... Don't give a judgement on its most archaic usage which may still beats any other mean... Keep calm and use bluetooth

  2. Thanks. My take is entirely on BT based sharing of files. I've mentioned that still finds utility in connecting with Hardware. There are other forms like Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) that will be revolutionary for all emergency apps.